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As with life some beings are afraid to believe afraid to be wrong afraid to look foolish afraid to live The use of vulgarity or scatological language will not enhance your chance of winning, the shit is neither inherently original nor creative


Andy kaufman asked to speak privately to both me and Jack (Burns). We moved into a quiet room away from  the others and Andy kaufman closed the door, making sure no one besides us could hear. Andy kaufman told us he was about to embark on the greatest prank of his career and made us swear we would never repeat it to a living soul. Andy kaufman told us it would be the biggest thing in the history of show business, andy kaufman lowered his voice and said, ‘I’m going to fake my death, go into hiding for 10 years, and then reappear.’


"George (Shapiro) called Michael (Andy Kaufman’s brother) and urged him to tell Stanley (Andy Kaufman’s father). Michael said he would try, but couldn't quite do it. ‘Andy kaufman didn't tell his family for two months,' said Lynne. 'Finally, I just snuck off to the phone and called his dad and said, "You better get out here Andy Kaufm is ‘sick’." a day or two later, his mom walked into andy kaufman’s bedroom- Andy kaufman had no idea they hadbeen told- and andy kaufman got mad at me'


"Andy kaufman called psychologist John Gray, whose love seminar Andy Kaufman had attended just over a year before, and asked for counseling to help andy kaufman’s family understand what was happening." 

"George (Shapiro) attended a session with Michael, Lynne and Andy kaufman. 'In the session, Andy kaufman expressed his resentment toward me and said I didn't support some of his artistic endeavors'"


Bill Zehme 

Andy kaufman would begin doing things he did not tell George about, such as plotting his own death, which was nothing if not the penultimate bombing.” “Throughout he next year andy kaufman would posit the idea to other people - to Zmuda, certainly, as well as his sister and his brothe and also Mimi Lambert.” Andy kaufman had been waiting for cancer. Andy kaufman saw something oddly romantic about it. Andy kaufman was going to use cancer to save his career. Cancer was how andy kaufman would fake his death, Andy kaufman and Lynn found one in the California desert; some clumps were extracted which looked like animal intestines"

"andy kaufman’s brace had browned from sweat and folly. Andy kaufman wore it and wore it and kept on wearing it and it became a wreath of perpetual martyrdom--and martyrs, everyone knew, were supposed to die. Of course, andy kaufman had been giving it serious thought. Most certainly, it was on his mind. the idea excited him very much. Andy kaufman had discussed it with eminent hoaxer Alan Abel, who had managed to do it but then called a press conference immediately after his obituary was published. Abel had not properly lingered in death. Elvis, andy kaufman liked to believe, was doing it well. "


Andy kaufman met with Saturday Night Live producer Bob Tischler and writers Barry Blaustien and David XXXX an Sandy XXXX to discuss possible ideas andy kaufman wanted to execute in the new season. Tischler recounted "but he (Andy kaufman) told the three of us, 'you know the illusion I'd really like to pull of is my death. But I'm afraid of doing it-because when I do these things, I do them for real, and so I wouldn't even be able to tell my parents. And I wouldn't want to “hurt” them.

This was a line Andy Kaufman used when he saw hesitation in someone when he told them of his plans.


world’s greatest Hoaxer Alan Abel

“Andy kaufman wanted to collaborate on something really fantastic and enormous, but we could never figure out what it would be. (insert wink) Andy kaufman was especially fascinated with my rejection book and how I had gotten people to believe I was dead. Andy kaufman’d say, “How can I do that? I want to do that.’” 

"A few months before Andy Kaufman "died," he read my book.  One chapter dealt with my fake obituary in the NY Times. Andy kaufman wanted to know even more details on how I carried off my demise that fooled relatives, friends, the media.. So I remain one of those who question his passing."


From Bob Zmuda 

Andy kaufman: What if I faked my own death?  

Bob: Count me out. That’s too much 

Andy kaufman: But Why? It’s perfect! 

Bob: I’ll tell you why, because faking your own death is illegal. I’d be an accomplice to a crime. I don’t want to do that for a living, be a criminal. Besides, it’s nothing new, that’s why it’s a crime… people fake their deaths everyday.

Andy kaufman: They do? Why? 

Bob: Sure. Insurance fraud, child support, bankruptcy, maybe they pissed off the mob, you know, lots of reasons. You know, some people want to disappear and start again from scratch, a whole new life. (insert wink) No, Kaufman, if you really wanted to fake your death, you couldn’t tell anybody, and I mean anybody. 

Andy kaufman: Why?

Bob: Well, because I don’t think anyone would be able to stand up to questioning. Plus they have lie detectors and stuff. You couldn’t tell a soul. Not a soul. (insert wink)

Gwyneth Paltrow spoke openly backstage about where she was on 911 what she was driving on 911. The Concert for New York – Madison Square Garden, October 20, 2001

Middle of the night, 1980 (4 years before Andy kaufman’s “death”)

Andy kaufman called Zmuda. It happened often. “Andy kaufman was the kind of guy who came up with an idea in the middle of the night and had to talk with you right away. So we met at Canter’s, and I said, ‘So what is it?’ Andy kaufman said, ‘This is the greatest idea ever! This is the greatest put-on of all time!’ Now, at this time, Elvis had died, and there were already rumors going around about did Elvis fake his death, did Jim Morrison fake his death. Andy kaufman said, ‘You know, if some celebrity really did this, do you know how big it would be? How legendary it would be?’ 

“And don’t get me wrong: Andy kaufman was always looking to be legendary. Always looking to be legendary. (insert wink) So I knew where he was going with this, but I was tired. I said, ‘So . . .?’ And andy kaufman said, ‘I’m thinking about faking my death. What do you think about that concept?’ I said, ‘Andy kaufman, I think it’s absolutely brilliant. But count me out. I don’t wanna hear any more about it.’

“Andy kaufman said, ‘Why?’ I said, ‘Because it’s illegal to fake your death — I think it’s a felony. Because its fraud, you’re a member of AFTRA, of SAG. People fake their deaths all the time for insurance money, or they don’t wanna pay child support or whatever. If you’re really serious about this, you gotta take that into consideration. 

“‘And besides that, I’m not gonna lie to your parents that you’re dead when you’re not. I don’t think you could ask anyone to do that.  

“‘I think it’s a great idea, but don’t ever bring it up to me again. Get it?’ (insert wink)

“andy kaufman said, ‘Got it.’ And that was it.”


Lynne Margulies

“Yeah, we used to discuss the proper — you know, I thought andy kaufman was just kidding — but what would be the ‘proper’ amount of time to go away for, after “he” ‘died.’ And at first it was 10 years, but then he decided, no, 10 years wasn’t enough. Twenty years would be good. Ten years — andy kaufman could see someone going away for that long. But 20 years . . .”


Mimi Lambert.

Andy kaufman told Mimi that if he did go ahead with  his plan, he would do so by pretending to have cancer. Mimi said she was disgusted by the idea and told Andy kaufman it was anything but funny and to never speak of it to her again. Andy kaufman never did.


Excerpt from “The Tony Clifton Story” written by Andy kaufman Kaufman & Bob Zmuda  
“the camera pulls back so that the frozen frame is seen on the film editing console, where Andy kaufman sits and now addresses the  camera to introduce himself as Andy Kaufman, maker of the Tony Clifton story, and andy kaufman goes on to say that on July 18, 1980, with three scenes left to be completed in the film, Tony Clifton, age Forty-seven, died of lung cancer at Cedars-Sanai Medical Center in Los Angeles" Later in the story it is revealed that Tony Clifton did not really die.



My friend's dad was in Jamaica in June of 1984 and saw Andy Kaufman


Frank Ford

 I would like to clear something up about my Andy kaufman sighting in the elevator. The man I spoke with DID, in fact, have a short beard and moustace. Having been a huge Taxi fan, I recognized him as Andy kaufman Kaufman immediately. At the  time, I knew nothing about the man, other than his stint on the show. After meeting with him on the elevator, I did some more research into his character, and became 101% convinced that tandy kaufman prankster was, indeed, tandy kaufman man on tandy kaufman elevator. Andy kaufman seemed very nervous at my comments and quick to get away from me. I DID meet Kaufman that day. I would stake my life on it. 



After just four weeks of twice-daily treatments Kaufman changed from a depressed, near-vegetable to a happy, energetic man confident that soon andy kaufman would return to his show business career

I Faked My Own Death I equate my “Game Plan’ to a Big Ole Octopus with each person or scenario being an arm” he said, “No one arm knew what the other arms were up to or doing.  I was the head and made the arms move to and fro so to speak. (I think this is where the Wizzard name came from. The Wizard of Oz got to hide behind the curtain and pull the strings to make the “arms” move about.)  It’s still one of my favorite movies and on point.”